All New Characters and Features in Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Frontier Battle Alliance is an incredibly addictive Mario sports game of Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to choose their favorite characters from Mario World, equip them with various equipment, and fight in exciting competitions. In this guide, we will introduce you to all the new roles and features of Mario Forward Combat Alliance: Free Update 2. Mario Forward Combat Alliance has accumulated a huge fan group only 3 months after its release. This is not surprising, because the game has many cool features. Players can play with friends and participate in tournaments between different football clubs. The variability of different characters and equipment allows each player to choose their own unique game style. Now, three months later, Nintendo announced the release of free update 2. According to the developer, the specific date is not clear, and the update will be released in September 2022. This update will bring many new things to the game. Let's start with the role. After free update 2, two new characters will appear in the game. Most importantly, all players can use it for free.